The Awakening

11th Day Of Nightal – Time Unknown – The Temple Of The Six – 10 miles East of Fallcrest.


Slowly, sluggishly, the party awakens from the chloroformic potion. They are in separate cells in a dungeon.

They see a darkly cloaked figure looking over them, [Malareth], he is gowned in a black cloak with a skull insignia on the front. The insignia of Orcus the Horned King = Evil Necromantic Deity. He gestures to a giant bugbear stood in the corner of the room and says “[Kurrash], strip them of their weapons and prepare them for the awakening!”

Once Malareth leaves Kurrash begins disarming the party one by one however [Solo] manages to conceal his sword. **

They pass out again. When they wake up two goblins are guarding them, one is asleep, the other is ignoring them (looking the other way).

Solo gets the attention of the awake goblin by tapping his sword on the cell bars, the goblin, not wanting to wake his sleeping superior approaches the cell and attempts to disarm Solo who holds on to the sword and backs away to the rear of the cell. The frustrated goblin throws a dagger at Solo, wounding his shoulder.

While Solo grapples with the goblin at the bars, [Orianna] in the adjacent cell steals the goblin’s keys with her tail and stealthily unlocks her cell, freeing herself and [Grim].

Orianna shadow steps across the dungeon to the remaining locked cell to free the two remaining prisoners, [Torinn] and [Aristine]. Grim steps silently out of his cell and grabs the goblin from behind in a choke hold and squeezes the goblin until its neck pops
Orianna uses witchfire on the remaining sleeping goblin who awakens to agonising fire coursing through his body, unable to scream aloud, Solo throws his dagger, hitting the goblin in the neck and killing it.

Orianna opens Solo’s cell. As the group are making introductions, Solo, disconcerted by Orianna’s demonic appearance approaches her, sword raised, and demands to know what she is. Before Grim can intercede, Orianna calmly explains that she is not his enemy and reminds him that she has just freed him. Solo lowers his sword and accepts her point with a grunt of acknowledgement.

The party gather what weapons they can from the goblins, Torinn arming himself with a shield and short sword, Grim a dagger and Solo with his own sword and a dagger. They slowly move out in to the main corridor, which Solo recognises as having the same features as the entrance halls to the Temple of the Six, the last thing they saw before being taken captive and awakening in the dungeons.

Before moving on it dawns on the group that [Gaius], the Elf ranger they had traveled here with is missing… (EDIT this may have happened AFTER everyone picked up the loot in the next room because no one realised he was gone!)

They move down the corridor to a store room and discover most of their equipment, supplies and weapons, however, a number of items are missing… Grim’s Thundering Craghammer, Orianna’s Fey Pact Dagger, Aristine’s staff of defence, Torinn’s battleaxe and Solo’s bag of concealment holding his coin. Grim is relieved to find his cask of golden ale and shares a drink with Torinn. The group find suitable replacements for the missing weapons and move out.

At the end of the corridor there are two doors, one of them gives off a distinct chill, curiosity gets the better of them and they go through to investigate. On the other side, the party finds a series of corridors patrolled by Kobolds, the air is distinctly cooler here. One of the guards challenges the group in common.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? Did Malareth send you?”

The group, seeing an opening, ask Orianna to bluff them and she explains that they were indeed sent by Malareth. The guard becomes angry and calls for his master…

image.jpgA loud hissing and scraping sound comes from a far room of the corridor followed by a deafening roar. A fearsome white dragon reveals himself from behind the curtains concealing the far room. A blast of freezing cold air waves over the party, chilling them to the bone as a layer of frost covers their skin and armour. Although clearly a young dragon, he is still the size of an enormous bear and is furious at the intrusion.

He demands to know if the group are with Malareth, realising their earlier mistake, Aristine and Orianna are quick to explain in Draconic that they are not, and had been captured and held prisoner in a nearby dungeon. They are in fact seeking Malorath to retrieve personal items and kill him to put a stop to his nefarious deeds. The white dragon, Faralax, is thoughtful at this “Perhaps our interests are aligned and you may be of service. I may yet let you live.”

Grim quietly asks Aristine or Orianna to ask, politely, in Draconic, if Faralax knows who took them captive. Faralax hears Grim and takes offence, hissing and demanding if the group plan to serve him, or die. Torinn appears uncomfortable with the demands of service. When Faralax demands “Well, do you serve me?”, Grim answers “I serve Moradin, and no other.” This further enrages the dragon who attacks the group with frozen breath, wounding them and commencing battle…

With his initial attack, Faralax moves forward in to the corridor and prepares to devour the adventurers. Orianna curses the dragon and smites him with Witchfire while Solo draws his bow and slays two of the Kobolds with two deadly shots in quick succession. Grim raises his craghammer, roars in defiance and uses a rune word to heal Solo’s earlier wounds and bolster his allies while calling them to battle. He charges forward and strikes Faralax with a mighty blow, weakening him with rune magic while calling the same to protect his allies from harm.

As Torinn follows Grim in to attack the dragon, more Kobolds rush forth from hiding at their master’s summon and attempt to attack the charging dwarf. Torinn shrugs off the attacks and barrels in to Faralax at Grim’s side. Torinn heaves his battleaxe in a wide arc, injuring the dragon and bludgeoning a Kobolds, sending it flying down the corridor. All the while Aristine, chanting quietly, has prepared a spell that she launches like a wave of energy against the dragon and his surrounding allies, dominating their wills, dazing them and attempting to force them to fall unconscious.

More Kobolds arrive, ineffectually attempting to attack the party as Solo uses his lightning reflexes to quickly dispatch the minions with a flurry of arrows. As the party deal with the Kobolds, Faralax is overcome by Aristine’s sleep spell and falls in to a deep slumber, just as Aristine summons flame to burn the ground beneath the beast and his allies. Inspired by his allies and caught up in battle-lust, Grim strikes the dragon once summoning the power of the runes of destruction and clambers over the sleeping form of Faralax to enable Torinn to flank him.

Torinn raises his battleaxe and shouts his war cry, slamming attack after attack in to the prone beast while Grim holds him over the burning pit summoned by Aristine. As Solo and Orianna dispatch the Kobolds, Faralax summons his will to throw off the sleeping spell, with a roar of defiance he rises once more to his feet only to be struck down by Orianna’s fey-pact spell of fortune’s reversal. The on

slaught of the adventurers proves too much for Faralax, who crumples under the final attack and dies.


Solo knocks a final arrow and dispatches the last of Faralax’s stunned minions before approaching the dragons corpse and closing it’s eyes while Grim whispers a prayer of thanks to Moradin. Solo removes some of the dragons scales.

In the dragon’s den they discover LEWTS.

- Orianna and Arastine look into magical portal/ring to see a horde of riches surrounded by a blackness that feels to be more than just darkness..

- They move into the next rom, a hallway with a new looking rug and a dire rat.

- The party fight and Solo quickly realises that there is a trap door under the rug.

- During the fight a dire rat bites Torinn’s arm, infecting him with Filth Fever (STAGE 1)

- The group decide to head right towards the sounds of more goblins and strangely, for a place like this, a horse….



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