The Awakening

The Twisting Halls.

The story continues...

11th Day Of Nightal – Time Unknown – The Temple Of The Six – 10 miles East of Fallcrest.


The adventure continues as the party, freshly rested, prepare to move on. Before moving through the next doors, Grim and Torinn decide to attempt to move the Minotaur statue. Solo, inspecting the statue further, tries to dissuade them as it does not appear to conceal anything. The dwarves, having made up their minds, decide to try it anyway. As Solo walks away, shaking his head, Grim and Torinn brace themselves against the statue and push with all their might. At first nothing happens, then, with a loud crack, the statue begins to break away from its base and falls with a crash to the ground, shattering into thousands of pieces. The party freeze and look around, convinced that the noise must have been head, but no guards come running and the dungeon is once again silent.

Orianna rolls her eyes at the dwarves, who are sheepishly gathering their things, and the party move over to a large pair of doors behind which a horse can be heard. Solo determines that the horse sounds natural and does not appear to be in any distress.


The dwarves push through the doors into the next room… The group are faced with a large black horse, saddled and wearing armour, just inside the door. Although it is obviously unnerved by the adventurers sudden entrance, it remains calm. While the party stare at the strange sight of an armoured horse tethered in an underground chamber, two goblins appear at the back of the room, the first calling “Intruders! Wake up!” and they both produce throwing knives and spears. The group waste no time and hastily move in to the room while Torinn is hit by the first volley of knives. Solo moves past the dwarves and attempts to calm the horse before it bolts, unfortunately the beast has been badly treated and does not respond to Solo’s efforts, becoming more restless. A side door opens and a drake slithers in to the room to join its goblin handler.

Grim unties the horse’s reins, turns it to face the rear of the room and slaps it on its haunches, sending it running towards the goblin guards and the drake. As it frantically runs through the chamber it dislodges a large hanging brazier, knocking burning coals and embers throughout the chamber and alighting its own barding and saddle before bursting through the far doors of the room.


Torinn snatches a rolled rug from his pack as he charges and unfurls it, bringing it through the flaming embers and launching it at the drake and goblin handler, they manage to duck the flaming projectile but are singed and distrated while Aristine and Orianna hurl spells against them and Solo unleashes a storm of arrows.

The goblins are joined by a hex hurler and continue to launch projectiles at the party while Torinn closes with one of the goblins and the drake. The hex hurler manages to blind Grim, as he intercepts an attack on Solo. Despite being blinded, he manages to hit the hex hurler with a thrown hammer through blind luck. The onslaught of arrows, spells and Torinn’s axe prove too much for the goblins and they are easily dispatched. Torinn closes with the hex hurler and charges him, attacking furiously with his axe. Realising the fight is lost the hex hurler grabs a huge brazier of elemental fire and overturns it in to the room at Torinn who braces himself as it washes towards him. Torinn is fortunate to have stepped on to a rune of fire protection, which diverts the flames around him, saving his life. The hex hurler is less fortunate and is burned to cinders.


The party take a small rest to heal and compose themselves before moving on through the far doors of the room…


James this is AWESOME!! Now to figure out what to do for till the next time everyone is free…. lol

The Twisting Halls.

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