The Awakening

The Twisting Halls II

échec et mat

11th Day Of Nightal – Time Unknown – The Temple Of The Six – 10 miles East of Fallcrest


The party advance warily to the next room which appears deserted apart from two rows of odd looking statues on the far side of the room. The floor slabs are arranged in a eight by eight grid, alternating between a dark and light stone colour. The dwarves enter first, as Grim moves to his right, he is assaulted by a psychic attack and shoved back to his original position… Aristine calls a halt to the group, sensing an arcane presence and recognising the layout of the floor slabs and the statues at the far end of the room “It’s a chess board!” She encourages Grim to follow the movement of a bishop on a chessboard. Warily, Grim moves diagonally in to the room. No further attacks are forthcoming but the statues at the far end begin to show signs of movement. Torinn, having entered to Grim’s left, manoeuvres in the pattern of a chess knight which prompts more signs of life from the statues.

Grim, having already been attacked, reacts to the movement by launching a throwing hammer at the largest of the opposing pieces, the queen. As his hammer strikes home the statues surge forward and begin to attack the party. A large piece, shaped like an elephant carrying a tower moves from the far corner of the room to flank the party and attacks Solo while the smaller pieces, which Aristine recognises as pawns, slowly move forwards. Torinn drops back to assist Solo in dispatching the rook, while Aristine’s spells make short work of two pawns and ignites the floor around the queen.
Grim engages the enemy knight, and after striking it with his craghammer, shouts out “Your move!” Having dealt with the rook, the group begin to attack the remaining pieces from a distance while Grim and Torinn keep them away from the party. Once again, the adventurers are victorious, cleaving their way through the giant constructs until the last piece, the knight, is taken down in a hail of arrows and spellwork.



The adventurers take a brief rest to heal and prepare themselves before approaching the far doors of the room. Behind them Solo can hear movement and determines that there are a number of guards on the other side, probably three to five of them, they don’t sound as if they are expecting company…


I know the dungeon was no where near that pretty, but it’s a shiny image! :)

The Twisting Halls II

These are really good man! Really useful to be able to look back over everything that happened session to session! It’s funny that it takes two minutes to read but an hour and a half at the table! lol

The Twisting Halls II

Thanks, glad they’re useful. Hopefully everyone will read them through so we can get some treats next time! :)

The Twisting Halls II

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