Arastine Daleborn

Good Human Sorcerous - Controller


She loves ancient arcane artefacts and killing evil doers.

Arastine learnt her skills rather than being born with them. She has a number of powerful (and useful as we have all seen during ‘Dragongate’) spells; in particular she is very fond of her sleeping spell and her Thunderwave spell.


Race: Human
Class: Control Wizard
Alignment: Good
Vision: Normal
Roll: Controller
Deity: None
Languages Known: Common / Draconic / Supernal / Abyssal / Giant.
Theme: Scholar

- Social
o Reserved / Charming
o Self-assured
o Suspicious / Skeptical

- Decisions
o Commanding
o Flexible
o Kind / Protective

- Under stress
o Cautious yet Fierce
o Calm
o Co-operative


1) Arastine was from a respected family of Miners. Growing up in a small town surrounded by this bored her considerably. Visits to her Uncle’s apothecary shop were the only thing that kept her entertained. She dreamt of magic and the art of arcana.

2) She went against the wishes of her family to carry on the family business and traveled far away to study at the Corymer College of Arcane Arts. However by her 3rd year of tutelage, she found herself succumbing to the allure of the practical application of the arcane arts. She no longer wanted to be taught magic in a classroom but wanted to experiment with it in the big wide world and learn from other more powerful mages.

3) She lost favor with the college for starting a small group of adventurers to seek out lost magical items and explore new powers. It was during one of these expeditions that she experienced a life changing event. While searching for a powerful artefact in the Tiribithia ruins her party were ambushed by a group of evil Tiefling necromancers.

4) By some twist of fortune Arastine managed to survive the initial attack and regained consciousness whilst trapped under a fallen friend. She watched, powerless to help, as her friends were burnt alive in front of her. Enraged, without knowing it she summoned an arcane power stored deep within her, and obliterated the Necromancers.

5) She then vowed to seek out others that would follow this foul practice of magic and stop them.


1) To continue to explore her powers and become increasingly powerful with her magic and wise in the field of arcana.

2) To avenge the death of her friends by exterminating all evil magic. Although she fears the necromancers because of her past experience with them, she hopes one day she will be able to face them as a stronger and more powerful wizard.


1) A Boy from her past – (‘baker-boy’ style like Peeta in Hunger Games) : [Brennan Smyth]

They grew up together as children and were very close. They used to play with each other in the woods, pretending to be adventurers, He always had a soft spot for her and would one day hope they were more than just friends. She was oblivious to this but is very fond of him. They haven’t seen each other since Arastine went to college. He stayed behind in the town they grew up in to look after his family, as his father died when he was young.

He is tall, dark and handsome (although Arastine doesn’t know this since the last time she saw him he was gangly and spotty).

He is extremely mature and commands a lot of respect now in his town. He is very confident but a reserved character.

2) Her wizard tutor at college : [Barrow Hawthidon]

Barrow was a tutor of Arastine who could see her potential. He resents her for this and her spirit of adventure. He has always dreamt of being what she is becoming and doing what she is doing. However he was scared to take the same path and ended up teaching at the college, for which he is neither passionate or happy about.

He is an old man, greying and slightly stooped. He is often in a foul mood, particularly with his students around him.

He is not very trustworthy.

3) A sister of one of the brothers that died in Arastine’s original adventuring party.
: [Fraada Rohart]
– She blames Arastine for the death of her brother.
– She is a beautiful blonde woman, tall and slim.
– She is kind hearted and felt a lot of love for her brother but she is ruthless if she needs to be. Although, that does not mean she is unreasonable and does believe in dealing out justice fairly.


1) Arastine is known by those that encounter her as always looking pristine and at ease even in the heat of battle. She is calm and perceptive. She will calmly look upon a situation and consider before pursuing a course of action. She therefore is an excellent tactician.

2) She is dogged in her pursuit of learning more powerful magic and more about the arcane arts. Therefore she takes on every task with tenacity and passion.

3) She is not someone people can easily get close to. She is a lonely person but is scared of letting people in because she remembers the loss she felt when her friends died. That event has made her cautious about who she befriends.

Arastine Daleborn

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