Grimdal Stormhammer

Dwarven Runepriest



Grimdal is tall for a dwarf at 4’10", he has fair skin, grey-blue eyes and greying light brown hair. He is 42 years old, not yet an adult by dwarven standards.


Race: Dwarf
Class: Wrathful Runepriest
Alignment: Lawful Good
Vision: Low-Light
Role: Leader
Deity: Moradin
Languages: Common / Dwarven
Background: Blacksmith (Artisan)
Theme: Guardian

Loyal, but slow to make firm friends
Careful and deliberate
At times greedy
Charmless and un-charismatic

Strategic although he can be impulsive if excited and is often rash if Orcs, Goblins or evil-worshipers are involved

Under stress

Grimdal was raised in Hammerfast, a small Dwarven city in the Nether Mountains*. An orphan, he was adopted by a Runepriest who raised him in Moradin’s faith and trained him to follow the path of the Runepriest. During this time he also trained as a blacksmith. As an orphan with no clan he considers the clergy of Moradin his family.


After he ordained as a Runepriest, Grim left his home in Hammerfast to travel. He spent some time with Moradin’s Hammers, an elite group of warriors who seek out Orcs and other evil. While travelling with them, aspiring to join their ranks, Grim falls in love with a young paladin named Krisonna.


During a battle with a large force of Orcs their leader, the sinister Shaman Morgok, calls down lightning on the front lines. Despite Grim’s efforts, Krisonna is killed. Although Moradin’s Hammers defeat the Orcs the Shaman escapes.

Mourning the loss of Krisonna, Grim leaves the order and travels alone for a time. In his misery he loses his connection to Moradin and slips further into despair.


While in Fallcrest, working as a smith, he gains the reputation as a gifted craftsman and the name “Stormhammer” for his abilities as a smith and the blue sparks that fly as he works at his anvil. One day he is approached by a merchant trading a damaged and deactivated Warforged. He repairs the being, and in the process reconnects with his god Moradin. He names the Warforged Anvil. Anvil, who has little memory of his past life, trains himself as a Knight protector and adventures for a time with Grim until they go their separate ways.


One day in Fallcrest, Grim spots a group of thugs surrounding a young Tiefling, despite a distrust of their kind, Grim weighs in to assist. The young Tiefling is far from defenseless however, Grim is fascinated by the way she fights but is later appalled to discover that she is a warlock. She explains how she was forced to take her fey pact and is generally a decent person and has fallen on tough times. Grim agrees to help her retrieve an artifact from a band of Orcs, in part to assist and in part because of his hatred of Orcs. They retrieve the artifact and kill the Orcs. On their way back to Fallcrest their caravan is attacked by a band of Goblins, although they defeat them many of their possessions are lost, including Orianna’s artifact.

Once back in Fallcrest they head to a tavern, The Red Drake Inn, to discuss their next step…

Grim has a burning need to avenge Krisonna and slay Morgok
He wishes to discover his clan origins and find out what happened to his family, who dropped him off at the temple and why?

Characters tied to Grim
1. His adoptive father Dalin Silverrune who, with no family of his own, raised him as his son and trained him as a Runepriest. Grim refers to him as Runefather.
2. Anvil, the warforged knight who Grim repaired and helped train as a smith.
3. Orianna, the Tiefling warlock who he feels a kinship with. He feels obligated to protect her and keep her from straying in to acts of evil.
4. Morgok, the orc shaman who slew Krisonna.
5. Krisonna, the dwarven paladin Grim loved killed by Morgok.
6. Jarich Bauwer, a halfling rogue who Grim regularly drinks with. Jarich is often away adventuring and Grim suspects he is a thief but likes him anyway. They discuss the state of the world and events in the city they share as a frequent base.

Grimdal Stormhammer

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