Jarich Bauwer

Halfling Rogue


Jarich_Bauwer.jpg Although Jarich works as a thief and assassin, secretly he is a member of the Counter Tharizdun Unit, a group of heroes loyal to their king, god and country who fight Tharizdun cultists throughout Faerun. The cultists work tirelessly in secret to unleash their all-powerful chained god and ultimately obliterate the entire world, sending it in to the Abyss.

Jarich and his heroic companions work tirelessly to uncover and eliminate cells of cultists throughout the land. They often employ extreme measures and Jarich perhaps more than others, he is considered to be their most capable agent. Bauwer’s job usually involves helping prevent major cultist attacks on the citizen’s of Faerun, saving civilian lives and protecting other institutions from their efforts. Bauwer’s frequent successes mean that he has been the target of numerous personal attacks from various cultist cells. This has led to him leading a life of solitude, often working alone behind the scenes and using any means necessary to thwart the Tharizdun cults.


Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue (Thief)
Alignment: Unaligned
Vision: Normal
Role: Striker
Deity: Sehanine
Languages: Common / Goblin
Background: Thief
Theme: Guttersnipe

Jarich Bauwer

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