Tiefling Warlock


Orianna is a 5’11" Tiefling with pale skin, wild red hair and gold eyes. She is 21 years old.


Race: Tiefling
Class: Warlock
Alignment: Unaligned
Vision: Low-Light
Role: Striker
Deity: None
Languages: Common / Draconic
Background: Cutpurse / Thief
Theme: Escaped Slave

1) Orianna is an escaped slave. She was captured and sold into slavery after her parents were killed by humans in a roadside attack when she was a small child.
2) She has had to resort to petty thievery for survival, along with the occasional fey summoning to obtain information in exchange for money.
3) Orianna is a guarded person and generally distrustful of most people, particularly humans.
4) She has a quick temper and is impulsive; prone to rushing into dangerous situations without much prior thought.
5) Orianna wants to be good, but her moral compass can often be a bit skewed; where she uses questionable means to achieve her goals.

1) Orianna barely remembers her parents as they killed by humans in a roadside attack when she was a small child. She desperately wants to find out about her family/heritage; who they are, where they come from.
2) She wants to confront and defeat the fey who she made her fey pact with in order to survive. Orianna doesn’t like knowing that someone else has a hold over her, and wants to become master of her own powers.

1) Grimdale Stormhammer; a dwarf who helped Orianna fight off the angry mob when she was caught stealing in Fallcrest. She now travels with Grim as he reminds Orianna of Cara ’s act of kindness and helped her track down the Orcs that have stolen her
2) Cara; a fellow slave during Orianna’s childhood who gives her life to help Orianna escape her captures. Despite her slightly skewed moral compass, Cara’s sacrifice inspires Orianna to be good and to help others in trouble.
3) The fey who Orianna was forced to make a pact with. Orianna resents the control that the fey holds over her and longs to be freed from it.

1) As a tiefling, Orianna can use her tail to pick up small, light objects.
2) Orianna remembers the moment when Cara died whilst trying to help Orianna escape her captors. This memory inspires her to help others in trouble.
3) She has a bit of a thing for fire.


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