Riardon Magesblood

Eladrin Wizard


Race: Eladrin
Class: Wizard
Age: 83
Build: Medium / Athletic
Height: 5’11
Weight: 168lbs
Alignment: Unaligned
Vision: Low Light (no penalty in dim light)
Roll: Controller
Deity: Ioun
Languages Known: Common, Elven

Hair: Pale gold, long and flowing.
Eyes: pearly and opal-escent orbs of vibrant green lacking pupils.
Clothes: long robes made of cloth that are loose fitting.


Charming / Graceful
Self-assured / Patient
Magical / Detached

Adaptable / Pragmatic
Honest / Flexible
Magical / Deliberative

Under stress


Riardon is 83 years old, he spent the most of his life studying text of magic and the history of his eladrin race.
He is charming and graceful although he likes to keep to himself he does interact well with others when the situation requires it of him. Riardon can come across as arrogant when he speaks to people he deems as not being intelligent enough to hold a conversation with. He is however loyal to his companions but would prefer his own company and a good text to read
Riardon is in search of the missing ancient feywild scrolls and wants to use this knowledge to enhance his arcane magic to help his Eladrin race to reconnect with the feywild
Riardon has a hunger for knowledge and wants to enhance his magical abilities to become the greatest eladrin wizard there ever was
Riardon is high born, he grew up in nobility and is a respected man in his homeland

Riardon wants to find the lost scrolls of the fey wild
I would like to see Riardon become a powerful wizard

Riardon’s friends are those of his kin whom he has left in his homeland in the search for his quest.
Riardon is betrothed to Unaora Wolfsbane who is back in his homeland, he is still young in the eladrin world and won’t be married until he has finished his quest
Riardon believes in good and evil, he sides with good and finds anyone that is evil to be an enemy

Riardon’s early memories are being stuck within a good book in his library
He has enjoyed his time as a child growing up with his parents who were both accomplished wizards
His fondest memory is when he performed his first form of magic which was lighting a candle with his wand

Riardon Magesblood

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