The Awakening

Session 7 - Arriving at Winterhaven
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Session 6 - The Fallen City

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Session 5 - The Fall of Fallcrest
Audio Log

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The Twisting Halls V
Necromancers, zombies and gaping chasms

11th Day Of Nightal – Time Unknown – The Temple Of The Six – 10 miles East of Fallcrest

Our heroes regroup and stand ready to storm Malareth’s laboratory, at the doors they discuss strategy in hushed whispers, debating the best way to deal with whatever lies beyond the doors. Emboldened by their recent victories, Grimdal and Torinn kick the doors open to announce their arrival…

necromancer_lair2.pngThey are faced with a large room, filled with the smell of the dead and fresh blood. Gaius is tied to a table in the centre, Malareth preparing to perform some dark magic on him using Aristine’s staff of power. Solo fires an arrow, hitting the necromancer in the chest. At this, he looks up in disgust at the party and, with a flick of the staff, commands his creations to attack the adventurers.

A group of skeletons charge the dwarves who form a shield wall in front of the others. From the corner, a huge roar shakes the room as a hulking ogre-zombie shudders and comes alive.

skeleton_warriors.jpgAs the group counter the first skeleton attack, Solo manages to kill Malareth with a volley of arrows. As the necromancer dies, he shouts “You will never stop the night from falling, another will find the dark crown!” With that he explodes in a cloud of necrotic blackness and all light from the dungeon is extinguished. An unnatural darkness envelops everything. Producing torches to see by the party watch as the skeletons fall back, but realise it is only to allow room for the zombie to charge. The pestilent ogre rushes Torinn and Grim, knocking them both prone. Grim is seriously wounded in the attack and falls unconscious, muttering something about zombies…

Aristine casts an illusion spell which opens an enormous phantom chasm at the feet of the ogre who, unbalanced by the illusion, falls prone in the chasm. Orianna finishes the vile creature with Witchfire while Solo cauterises Grim’s wounds to stabilise him and Torinn gets back on his feet.

Solo charges in to the room to assist Gaius before one of the skeletons can dispatch him, charging past another skeleton and using his cape to confuse it and push it into Aristine’s chasm.

Plagueborn_Meatwall_TCG.jpgThere is a huge roar from the half-cremated ogre-zombie which, with a shuddering groan, manages to right itself and attacks Torinn who raises his spiked shield in defence and slams it into the zombie, slamming it back in to the chasm. Grim rises to his feet with Torinn’s help and casts healing runes on himself and the party while bolstering their attacks against their remaining foes.

As Aristine and Solo dispatch the skeletons, Orianna breathes fire on a skeleton and then shadow walks past it in to the room to free Gaius. Thankful to be freed, the elf attacks the last of the undead to aid Solo in finishing it. As its remains fall, there is another groan from the oozing remains of the zombie, which begins to twitch and right itself again. To Grim’s dismay it rises and immediately attacks him, knocking him unconscious once more. Orianna uses the force of the ogre’s own attack against its mind, obliterating it into tiny pieces.

By torchlight, the group heal Grim and Gaius, burn the remains of the undead and search the room. Among the supplies they find a handful of useful potions, brews, bombs, incense and other useful items. They also retrieve the ornate black box, as requested by Travis. The box is impossibly black and gives off an aura of evil, even while closed, and is inscribed: “Only those that live in the dark, shall survive the night”

Evil_box.jpgBefore attempting to open the box, the party move to the altar that Grim had previously sanctified. After performing a prayer ritual to Moradin, Grim opens the box to reveal a plush interior lined with red velvet and containing a human skull. The aura of evil increases greatly as the box is opened. Recognising the skull as an evil artefact, Grim steps back, hefts his craghammer and brings it down with all his might against the skull. The weapon bounces off and throws Grim across the room, leaving no mark on the skull. The group decide to return to Travis with the item to find out more about it. They hide it in Solo’s Backpack of Concealment for safe keeping, and begin to leave the dungeons via the route identified by Varsil as the exit.

Rat_swarm_by_jayodjick.jpgAs they reach the lair of the deceased dragon Faralax, still in utter darkness apart from that cast by their own torches, they hear the chittering and screeching of dire rats, hundreds of them, rushing towards them attracted by the light.

Solo lights the incense of Beast Bane, retrieved from Malareth’s laboratory, and with the help of Torinn shelters the wounded Gaius and Varsil in the incense’s limited aura as they run towards the exit. Aristine uses illusions to blend in to her surroundings while Orianna pulls the shadows around herself to slip past the rats. Grim, shouting to his friends to run, calls out a prayer to Moradin and hefts his Thundering Craghammer in to the air and smashes it down in front of the waves of oncoming dire rats and charges after his allies, smashing the beasts aside with his shield and craghammer…

The group finally emerge in to the fresh air outside the dungeon, leaving the dire rats behind. They emerge near a stream and, after catching their breath, decide to wash some of the blood and gore from their armour. As they are doing so, a crow drops down from the sky and delivers a note from Travis:

“I must speak with you all about the box, I have no doubt by now that you have discovered that it is no ordinary trinket. I have learned of a plot threatening Fallcrest and I believe that the box may be the key to saving this city and the people in it! I am renting a room at the Red Drake Inn, please meet with me here so that we can discuss how best to destroy it and stop those like Malareth getting their hands on it! By Avandra please help me, you’re our only hope.”.

The group decide to return to Fallcrest to find Travis and answers.

The Twisting Halls IV
The fall of Kurrash

11th Day Of Nightal – Time Unknown – The Temple Of The Six – 10 miles East of Fallcrest

After an extended rest, the party convince the changeling Varsil to attempt to lure Kurrash and his lackeys in to an ambush. Varsil is reluctant to attempt such deception with Kurrash, but is willing to try it with his goblin henchmen if they are unsupervised. The party assure him of their help in escaping the dungeons if he is successful and continues to provide assistance.

Goblins_0234.jpgVarsil heads up the corridor, to return a few moments later with two twitchy goblins in tow. Unfortunately the party has neglected to clear up the mess of the previous battle and the goblins realise the deceit as soon as they enter the room. The party spring the trap in haste, Grim charging the goblins under a volley of spells and arrows. While the first goblin, a cut-throat, is determined to fight, the other goblin weighs the odds and turns to flee. He reaches the corridor but is cut down by a charging Torrin. Solo’s arrows makes short work of the cut-throat and the party regroups to prepare for the encounter with Kurrash…

The adventurers make their way down the next corridor, having this time left Varsil behind to tidy away the corpses and stand guard to the rear. They encounter a store room and the party begin to search for their lost items. Before they can get very far, a goblin opens a door on the far side of the room and, clearly surprised to see the party helping themselves to the stores, screams to raise the alarm.

Kurrash_01.jpgA deep rumbling precedes another door bursting from its hinges and the enormous bugbear Kurrash charges in to the room, wielding Torinn’s battleaxe, to be struck in the chest with three arrows from Solo’s readied attack. Torinn and Grim charge forwards, engaging the goblin and flanking Kurrash who, surprised by the ferocity of the parties attacks, fumbles his attack. Orianna and Aristine’s spells surge forth and, overwhelmed by the magic and arrows, the bugbear drops to the floor with a thud, Torinn’s battleaxe at his side.

The spell-casters turn their attentions on the remaining goblins, destroying their feeble minds with a psychic assault.

“Well… that was easy…”

The party resumes their search and come across Solo’s Backpack of Concealment.

The Twisting Halls III
Earth, Wind and Fire

11th Day Of Nightal – Time Unknown – The Temple Of The Six – 10 miles East of Fallcrest

The party burst through the doors and find themselves faced with a large chamber displaying another enormous statue of a Minotaur, this time depicting the evil necromantic god Orcus. A second smaller statue and an altar complete the wretched décor.


Four guards armed with swords, halberds and crossbows confront them. Orianna wastes no time and curses the first guard and casts eyebite on him while two of the guards open fire with crossbows. Their shots are deflected by the heavily armoured dwarves and Solo returns fire. Torinn attacks the closest and drags him towards the party and in to Grim’s range.

As two of the guards close in to assist their associate, one of them lands a vicious blow on Grim with his halberd. With her enemies in close proximity, Aristine unleashes a thundering wave of arcane energy, blowing the three hapless guards back in to the room and leaving them vulnerable to attack. Torinn and Grim charge in to the room, Torinn engaging the closest guards while Grim pursues and attacks his own assailant. Torinn taps into his earthen heritage to enhance his strength and resilience while cleaving through the two henchmen as Grim slams the third back into a wall with his craghammer.

As they move in to the room, they feel a sickening necromantic aura emanating from the statue of Orcus and the altar candles flicker brighter when they are near it. The party stay clear of both while they continue to fight the now desperate guards.

Aristine unleashes another wave of arcane energy to further assault and stun the enemy guards while Torinn dispatches them. Solo fires a salvo of arrows and bloodies the crossbow armed guard at the rear of the chamber who suddenly transforms, revealing himself as a changeling, and declares himself not to be a foe.

177745.jpgAlthough Grim’s opponent is bloodied, he lands a lucky blow and knocks Grim to the floor with a sweep of his halberd. Orianna, enraged, gives in to her bloodlust and unleashes cursed witchfire on the guard, although he resists the first attack Orianna redoubles her efforts and attacks with a second onslaught. This time the wounded guard is less lucky and is overcome with the witchfire, burning until only his armour remains.

While Grim pulls himself to his feet, the group confront the changeling. Solo is unconvinced by the turncoat’s declaration of amnesty and prepares to kill him. Torinn intervenes, “He’s worth more to us alive, he may know something that can help us save Malareth’s prisoners” As Grim dusts himself down he adds, joking, “Besides, you can always kill him once we’re finished with him” this further intimidates the changeling who attempts to convince the party through a display of shifting through different forms, attempting to appeal to individuals in the party. This only serves to annoy them however and he packs it in with an apology and shifts to his normal self.

Varsil.jpg Grim can tell that the changeling is being sincere and Solo begrudgingly concedes that Torinn has a valid point. The changeling readily explains his situation, having been sucked in to his role as a guard, and gives the party details on the layout of Malareth’s dungeon, the possible location of their missing gear and how it’s guarded. He retrieves a dagger from one of the fallen guards and hands it to Orianna who is relieved to see that it is her pact-dagger! He remembers that he saw an elf be taken to the laboratory and confirms details that allow Solo to identify the prisoner as Gaius, the elf ranger who had been captured with the party and taken from the dungeons. Malareth is likely to begin experimenting on Gaius the following day.

Exhausted, the party decide to take an extended rest before tackling Kurrash and Malareth. Before the group can rest in the chamber, Solo pries the moonstone gems from the eyes of the statue of Orcus which ends the sickening aura. Solo suggests that Torinn and Grimdal topple the statue to destroy it, since they’ve already had success with that recently… The dwarves comply and manage to push both statues over and shatter them to dust.

Grim turns to the altar and, with a prayer to Moradin, extinguishes the candle flames to neutralise the vile magic emanating from it. With a further prayer ritual he is able to prevent the altar from being used for evil again and instead it pulses steadily with a benign magic that washes over the adventurers, helping to restore and prepare them for the battles to come.

Tired and weary, the party discuss who will take the first watch, while keeping an eye on the changeling Varsil.

The Twisting Halls II
échec et mat

11th Day Of Nightal – Time Unknown – The Temple Of The Six – 10 miles East of Fallcrest


The party advance warily to the next room which appears deserted apart from two rows of odd looking statues on the far side of the room. The floor slabs are arranged in a eight by eight grid, alternating between a dark and light stone colour. The dwarves enter first, as Grim moves to his right, he is assaulted by a psychic attack and shoved back to his original position… Aristine calls a halt to the group, sensing an arcane presence and recognising the layout of the floor slabs and the statues at the far end of the room “It’s a chess board!” She encourages Grim to follow the movement of a bishop on a chessboard. Warily, Grim moves diagonally in to the room. No further attacks are forthcoming but the statues at the far end begin to show signs of movement. Torinn, having entered to Grim’s left, manoeuvres in the pattern of a chess knight which prompts more signs of life from the statues.

Grim, having already been attacked, reacts to the movement by launching a throwing hammer at the largest of the opposing pieces, the queen. As his hammer strikes home the statues surge forward and begin to attack the party. A large piece, shaped like an elephant carrying a tower moves from the far corner of the room to flank the party and attacks Solo while the smaller pieces, which Aristine recognises as pawns, slowly move forwards. Torinn drops back to assist Solo in dispatching the rook, while Aristine’s spells make short work of two pawns and ignites the floor around the queen.
Grim engages the enemy knight, and after striking it with his craghammer, shouts out “Your move!” Having dealt with the rook, the group begin to attack the remaining pieces from a distance while Grim and Torinn keep them away from the party. Once again, the adventurers are victorious, cleaving their way through the giant constructs until the last piece, the knight, is taken down in a hail of arrows and spellwork.



The adventurers take a brief rest to heal and prepare themselves before approaching the far doors of the room. Behind them Solo can hear movement and determines that there are a number of guards on the other side, probably three to five of them, they don’t sound as if they are expecting company…

The Twisting Halls.
The story continues...

11th Day Of Nightal – Time Unknown – The Temple Of The Six – 10 miles East of Fallcrest.


The adventure continues as the party, freshly rested, prepare to move on. Before moving through the next doors, Grim and Torinn decide to attempt to move the Minotaur statue. Solo, inspecting the statue further, tries to dissuade them as it does not appear to conceal anything. The dwarves, having made up their minds, decide to try it anyway. As Solo walks away, shaking his head, Grim and Torinn brace themselves against the statue and push with all their might. At first nothing happens, then, with a loud crack, the statue begins to break away from its base and falls with a crash to the ground, shattering into thousands of pieces. The party freeze and look around, convinced that the noise must have been head, but no guards come running and the dungeon is once again silent.

Orianna rolls her eyes at the dwarves, who are sheepishly gathering their things, and the party move over to a large pair of doors behind which a horse can be heard. Solo determines that the horse sounds natural and does not appear to be in any distress.


The dwarves push through the doors into the next room… The group are faced with a large black horse, saddled and wearing armour, just inside the door. Although it is obviously unnerved by the adventurers sudden entrance, it remains calm. While the party stare at the strange sight of an armoured horse tethered in an underground chamber, two goblins appear at the back of the room, the first calling “Intruders! Wake up!” and they both produce throwing knives and spears. The group waste no time and hastily move in to the room while Torinn is hit by the first volley of knives. Solo moves past the dwarves and attempts to calm the horse before it bolts, unfortunately the beast has been badly treated and does not respond to Solo’s efforts, becoming more restless. A side door opens and a drake slithers in to the room to join its goblin handler.

Grim unties the horse’s reins, turns it to face the rear of the room and slaps it on its haunches, sending it running towards the goblin guards and the drake. As it frantically runs through the chamber it dislodges a large hanging brazier, knocking burning coals and embers throughout the chamber and alighting its own barding and saddle before bursting through the far doors of the room.


Torinn snatches a rolled rug from his pack as he charges and unfurls it, bringing it through the flaming embers and launching it at the drake and goblin handler, they manage to duck the flaming projectile but are singed and distrated while Aristine and Orianna hurl spells against them and Solo unleashes a storm of arrows.

The goblins are joined by a hex hurler and continue to launch projectiles at the party while Torinn closes with one of the goblins and the drake. The hex hurler manages to blind Grim, as he intercepts an attack on Solo. Despite being blinded, he manages to hit the hex hurler with a thrown hammer through blind luck. The onslaught of arrows, spells and Torinn’s axe prove too much for the goblins and they are easily dispatched. Torinn closes with the hex hurler and charges him, attacking furiously with his axe. Realising the fight is lost the hex hurler grabs a huge brazier of elemental fire and overturns it in to the room at Torinn who braces himself as it washes towards him. Torinn is fortunate to have stepped on to a rune of fire protection, which diverts the flames around him, saving his life. The hex hurler is less fortunate and is burned to cinders.


The party take a small rest to heal and compose themselves before moving on through the far doors of the room…

From Small Beginnings
Or 101 interesting hiding places for swords

11th Day Of Nightal – Time Unknown – The Temple Of The Six – 10 miles East of Fallcrest.


Slowly, sluggishly, the party awakens from the chloroformic potion. They are in separate cells in a dungeon.

They see a darkly cloaked figure looking over them, [Malareth], he is gowned in a black cloak with a skull insignia on the front. The insignia of Orcus the Horned King = Evil Necromantic Deity. He gestures to a giant bugbear stood in the corner of the room and says “[Kurrash], strip them of their weapons and prepare them for the awakening!”

Once Malareth leaves Kurrash begins disarming the party one by one however [Solo] manages to conceal his sword. **

They pass out again. When they wake up two goblins are guarding them, one is asleep, the other is ignoring them (looking the other way).

Solo gets the attention of the awake goblin by tapping his sword on the cell bars, the goblin, not wanting to wake his sleeping superior approaches the cell and attempts to disarm Solo who holds on to the sword and backs away to the rear of the cell. The frustrated goblin throws a dagger at Solo, wounding his shoulder.

While Solo grapples with the goblin at the bars, [Orianna] in the adjacent cell steals the goblin’s keys with her tail and stealthily unlocks her cell, freeing herself and [Grim].

Orianna shadow steps across the dungeon to the remaining locked cell to free the two remaining prisoners, [Torinn] and [Aristine]. Grim steps silently out of his cell and grabs the goblin from behind in a choke hold and squeezes the goblin until its neck pops
Orianna uses witchfire on the remaining sleeping goblin who awakens to agonising fire coursing through his body, unable to scream aloud, Solo throws his dagger, hitting the goblin in the neck and killing it.

Orianna opens Solo’s cell. As the group are making introductions, Solo, disconcerted by Orianna’s demonic appearance approaches her, sword raised, and demands to know what she is. Before Grim can intercede, Orianna calmly explains that she is not his enemy and reminds him that she has just freed him. Solo lowers his sword and accepts her point with a grunt of acknowledgement.

The party gather what weapons they can from the goblins, Torinn arming himself with a shield and short sword, Grim a dagger and Solo with his own sword and a dagger. They slowly move out in to the main corridor, which Solo recognises as having the same features as the entrance halls to the Temple of the Six, the last thing they saw before being taken captive and awakening in the dungeons.

Before moving on it dawns on the group that [Gaius], the Elf ranger they had traveled here with is missing… (EDIT this may have happened AFTER everyone picked up the loot in the next room because no one realised he was gone!)

They move down the corridor to a store room and discover most of their equipment, supplies and weapons, however, a number of items are missing… Grim’s Thundering Craghammer, Orianna’s Fey Pact Dagger, Aristine’s staff of defence, Torinn’s battleaxe and Solo’s bag of concealment holding his coin. Grim is relieved to find his cask of golden ale and shares a drink with Torinn. The group find suitable replacements for the missing weapons and move out.

At the end of the corridor there are two doors, one of them gives off a distinct chill, curiosity gets the better of them and they go through to investigate. On the other side, the party finds a series of corridors patrolled by Kobolds, the air is distinctly cooler here. One of the guards challenges the group in common.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? Did Malareth send you?”

The group, seeing an opening, ask Orianna to bluff them and she explains that they were indeed sent by Malareth. The guard becomes angry and calls for his master…

image.jpgA loud hissing and scraping sound comes from a far room of the corridor followed by a deafening roar. A fearsome white dragon reveals himself from behind the curtains concealing the far room. A blast of freezing cold air waves over the party, chilling them to the bone as a layer of frost covers their skin and armour. Although clearly a young dragon, he is still the size of an enormous bear and is furious at the intrusion.

He demands to know if the group are with Malareth, realising their earlier mistake, Aristine and Orianna are quick to explain in Draconic that they are not, and had been captured and held prisoner in a nearby dungeon. They are in fact seeking Malorath to retrieve personal items and kill him to put a stop to his nefarious deeds. The white dragon, Faralax, is thoughtful at this “Perhaps our interests are aligned and you may be of service. I may yet let you live.”

Grim quietly asks Aristine or Orianna to ask, politely, in Draconic, if Faralax knows who took them captive. Faralax hears Grim and takes offence, hissing and demanding if the group plan to serve him, or die. Torinn appears uncomfortable with the demands of service. When Faralax demands “Well, do you serve me?”, Grim answers “I serve Moradin, and no other.” This further enrages the dragon who attacks the group with frozen breath, wounding them and commencing battle…

With his initial attack, Faralax moves forward in to the corridor and prepares to devour the adventurers. Orianna curses the dragon and smites him with Witchfire while Solo draws his bow and slays two of the Kobolds with two deadly shots in quick succession. Grim raises his craghammer, roars in defiance and uses a rune word to heal Solo’s earlier wounds and bolster his allies while calling them to battle. He charges forward and strikes Faralax with a mighty blow, weakening him with rune magic while calling the same to protect his allies from harm.

As Torinn follows Grim in to attack the dragon, more Kobolds rush forth from hiding at their master’s summon and attempt to attack the charging dwarf. Torinn shrugs off the attacks and barrels in to Faralax at Grim’s side. Torinn heaves his battleaxe in a wide arc, injuring the dragon and bludgeoning a Kobolds, sending it flying down the corridor. All the while Aristine, chanting quietly, has prepared a spell that she launches like a wave of energy against the dragon and his surrounding allies, dominating their wills, dazing them and attempting to force them to fall unconscious.

More Kobolds arrive, ineffectually attempting to attack the party as Solo uses his lightning reflexes to quickly dispatch the minions with a flurry of arrows. As the party deal with the Kobolds, Faralax is overcome by Aristine’s sleep spell and falls in to a deep slumber, just as Aristine summons flame to burn the ground beneath the beast and his allies. Inspired by his allies and caught up in battle-lust, Grim strikes the dragon once summoning the power of the runes of destruction and clambers over the sleeping form of Faralax to enable Torinn to flank him.

Torinn raises his battleaxe and shouts his war cry, slamming attack after attack in to the prone beast while Grim holds him over the burning pit summoned by Aristine. As Solo and Orianna dispatch the Kobolds, Faralax summons his will to throw off the sleeping spell, with a roar of defiance he rises once more to his feet only to be struck down by Orianna’s fey-pact spell of fortune’s reversal. The on

slaught of the adventurers proves too much for Faralax, who crumples under the final attack and dies.


Solo knocks a final arrow and dispatches the last of Faralax’s stunned minions before approaching the dragons corpse and closing it’s eyes while Grim whispers a prayer of thanks to Moradin. Solo removes some of the dragons scales.

In the dragon’s den they discover LEWTS.

- Orianna and Arastine look into magical portal/ring to see a horde of riches surrounded by a blackness that feels to be more than just darkness..

- They move into the next rom, a hallway with a new looking rug and a dire rat.

- The party fight and Solo quickly realises that there is a trap door under the rug.

- During the fight a dire rat bites Torinn’s arm, infecting him with Filth Fever (STAGE 1)

- The group decide to head right towards the sounds of more goblins and strangely, for a place like this, a horse….

You're all in a tavern....
...and some thugs walk in (totally original).

9th Day of Nightal : Evening – Fallcrest – The Red Drake Inn


Today was a bad day. While hitching a ride back to Fallcrest in a large caravan of merchants and adventurers, our heroes were set upon by a gang of goblins. While they managed to fend off the attack and chase off the goblins they looted all of your earnings from their latest, separate, endeavours.

At this point the party aren’t fully acquainted.

A low fire burns in the hearth of this comfortable, lively, common room. Now safe within the walls of the small city of Fallcrest, they find themselves in the Red Drake Inn. It is a popular tavern, full of patrons drinking and talking loudly.

Not long after their second round of drinks a group of tough-looking men saunter into the centre of the room. They look to be common thugs, however, one man stands out from the rest. The leader of the group, a scarred man in chainmail, looks around the room menacingly. He looks intently into the corner of the room where there is someone who had hadn’t noticed before; a hooded man sits further back into his seat, attempting to avoid notice.

(Perception DC_12) The hooded man appears to be petrified, visibly shaking with fear at the sight of the scarred man. He wears the robes of a merchant, and the pendant of Avandra, God of fortune and adventure. [Insight = there is something odd about him.]

Suddenly the mercenary points out the hooded man to his men. Then he shouts out with a deafening cry that silences the lively Inn’s walls. He commands all others to leave or be killed. Quickly the tavern empties, he and his men move towards a hooded merchant.

The scarred man shouts at the party to leave but instead they implore the thugs to stop least they so their own fate.

The merchant cries out for help, “Please don’t let them kill me! I…I….I’ll make it worth your whi….!” He says before being hit around the head by one of the scarred man. (PP DC_10) “The master says you know how to get it working.. So!? How does it work?! You better tell us now or we’ll slice you open right here!”

“That’s enough! Boys, kill these idiots!" the scarred man shouts.

After the fight the group approach the the hooded man in the corner…

The man huddled in the booth is dressed in plain merchants’ robes with his hood up and covering his face while he clutches the holy symbol with his now white-knuckled hands.
As the group approaches he lowers his hood, revealing his face. The man’s brown hair is in utter disarray, and even now, his thin, wiry frame quivers from the traumatic experience. He looks up at you all with wide, blue eyes as you approach and says..

“Th-th-thank you so much for saving me! Avandra bless you; bless all of you! I thought for sure that I was d-d-d-dead! My name is [Traevus] Cranister, I am a simple merchant of the Westcity and am deeply in your debt. I must admit I have seen you all before, you were part of the same convoy as me that was attack this morning. You truly are great warriors, please take this as a gesture of good faith. You see, a Cranister always pays his debts!” [10gp each]

Q: Who were these men and why were they trying to kill you?
“These men were hired thugs that I can only assume an old business partner of mine, Malareth, must have sent to kill me.”

Q: Why would your partner send thugs to kill you?
“Well it would seem he has been driven completely mad by a small artefact we recently came across together! You see he betrayed me one night and stole my share of the earnings! He had even tried to have my throat slit, lucky for me I had ‘Boo’ here looking out for me.” ([Traevus] reaches into his pocket to reveal a small distinctly ugly looking rodent… he sits it on his palm and strokes it gently.) “…He woke me up just in time and I managed to escape our old encampment!”

Q: Do you know anything about the convoy this morning?
“Yes I believe I do. Please, have a look in his pockets” (gesturing to the scarred man’s lifeless body).

Upon searching they find a small scroll on the mercenary’s satchel. The seal broken in side it reads in thick black ink…

“Traevus is a traitor. Find him, find out what he knows and bring him and the ornate box he stole, to me at the Temple Of The Four. My birds tell me that he shall be on the ‘first-light’ Westcity caravan to Fallcrest tomorrow morning. Do NOT disappoint me. M”

Traevus nods and reveals a small scrunched up letter with the same seal, written in the same hand and with the same message however this one… is written in Goblin…
“You see? Both these thugs and the goblins were sent by [Malareth]! He truly has gone mad!”

Treavus avoids questions about the ornate box, dismissing it saying that it is nothing. Explaining that he doesn’t know why [Malareth] had become obsessed with it, wrongly believing it to be something with powerful magic!

[Traevus] then seems to look up at you with a renewed hope…

_“Listen, I truly thank you all for coming to my aid. Having seen how well you handled yourselves with those goblins this morning and now with these thugs, might I beseech you to come to the aid of this old merchant?

I am scared for my life and I am afraid that the only way to stop the threat is to end Malareth’s madness before it gets out of hand. Before he betrayed me, I heard him uttering words of pillaging the Fallcrest trade routes, he must be stopped! Also there is the matter of our possessions? Those disgusting Goblins took off with something dear to me just as I’m sure they did for you, yes? Well you see, I think I know whereabouts their lair! Will you help me retrieve our possessions and stop [Malareth]?”_

As the party go to leave the city guards rush in but luckily the barkeep, who had hidden behind the bar, recounts your acts of bravery to the guards. They thank you for your acts and call for the bodies to be cleared.

Our adventures spend the night guests of the Inn and set on their way to the lair the next morning..

10th Day of Nightal : Morning

On the road to the Temple Of The Six…

The group is now on route to the so called Temple Of The Six, a hideout of madman [Malareth] and the location of your stolen coin. You are on a lonely road, approaching the site along the directions [Traevus] gave you. The distant howl of wolves has followed you since you set out from Fallcrest, and now you see two of the beasts emerge from behind some rocks along the side of the road. The wolves grown menacingly. Suddenly, with a shrill cry, three goblins appear from behind a ruined town and rush to attack! “Ambush!” Gaius shouts!

The party fights off the attackers swiftly and after the fight, upon searching the Hex Hurler’s green bloodied corpse, they find a curious looking device. A disk, perfectly circular with draconic text engraved all around. They are single letters and symbols and have dividing lines between each. (Dungeoneering DC_12 = You recall that such devices are known as ciphers, used to lock enchanted doorways.)

The party finally arrives at the gateway to the Temple of the Six. A large door stands before you, seemingly the only way in. They realise they must use their skills to seek out and unlock the mystery of this locked door.

Using their familiarity with Dungeons, ruins and general spelunking they uncover the circular slot lined with what appears to be the outer cipher ring. They then clip the cipher into the wall and use it to decode the draconic gibberish on the doorway.

“They make everything that can be seen, and everything in between.
They make the nights warm, the days cold, the crops grow,
the desert flourish, the world’s foundation and the weak strong.
Six they count now from the simple days of four.”

Just as the code is complete there is a deep knocking sound, the sound of mechanical parts turning. Then six holes shift open on the wall. Spread out in a large Hexagonal pattern. The group figure out the riddle and start to illuminate all of the holes by putting the relevant element into them.. fire for fire, wind for wind, earth for earth etc.
Once the group illuminate all of the keyholes they step into the next room. After looking around for a few seconds they suddenly become very sleepy and fall unconscious….


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