The Awakening

The Twisting Halls IV

The fall of Kurrash

11th Day Of Nightal – Time Unknown – The Temple Of The Six – 10 miles East of Fallcrest

After an extended rest, the party convince the changeling Varsil to attempt to lure Kurrash and his lackeys in to an ambush. Varsil is reluctant to attempt such deception with Kurrash, but is willing to try it with his goblin henchmen if they are unsupervised. The party assure him of their help in escaping the dungeons if he is successful and continues to provide assistance.

Goblins_0234.jpgVarsil heads up the corridor, to return a few moments later with two twitchy goblins in tow. Unfortunately the party has neglected to clear up the mess of the previous battle and the goblins realise the deceit as soon as they enter the room. The party spring the trap in haste, Grim charging the goblins under a volley of spells and arrows. While the first goblin, a cut-throat, is determined to fight, the other goblin weighs the odds and turns to flee. He reaches the corridor but is cut down by a charging Torrin. Solo’s arrows makes short work of the cut-throat and the party regroups to prepare for the encounter with Kurrash…

The adventurers make their way down the next corridor, having this time left Varsil behind to tidy away the corpses and stand guard to the rear. They encounter a store room and the party begin to search for their lost items. Before they can get very far, a goblin opens a door on the far side of the room and, clearly surprised to see the party helping themselves to the stores, screams to raise the alarm.

Kurrash_01.jpgA deep rumbling precedes another door bursting from its hinges and the enormous bugbear Kurrash charges in to the room, wielding Torinn’s battleaxe, to be struck in the chest with three arrows from Solo’s readied attack. Torinn and Grim charge forwards, engaging the goblin and flanking Kurrash who, surprised by the ferocity of the parties attacks, fumbles his attack. Orianna and Aristine’s spells surge forth and, overwhelmed by the magic and arrows, the bugbear drops to the floor with a thud, Torinn’s battleaxe at his side.

The spell-casters turn their attentions on the remaining goblins, destroying their feeble minds with a psychic assault.

“Well… that was easy…”

The party resumes their search and come across Solo’s Backpack of Concealment.



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