Varsil Stormstride

Male Doppelganger / Rouge / Hansome Human Form


Varsil is a cunning and resourceful doppelgänger, unlike many of his kin he seeks only to survive and live a comfortable life. He doesn’t wish to harm others and tries to use his talents only when necessary.

He does however have very bad luck and a particularly bad judgement of character. Often being lead astray, or tricked, by those with the power to help him live in comfort.

Mostly Varsil take the form of a handsome human rogue. He is an agile and formidable opponent with great skill wielding a light blade. If he chose to be, like most of his kind, he would be a deadly assassin.

However instead Varsil seeks to impress and prove his worth to those he sees as good and honourable. There is a sense of atonement in his actions, however it is not clear if this stems from his drive to distance himself from the nefarious stigma of his kind or perhaps to atone for his own past digressions.

He has a dark sense of humour, is very intelligent and adept at blending in both physically and vocally with all manner of humanoid races he can replicate. However he does have a tendency to stutter when he’s nervous, which has been known to give him away.

Upon meeting the party, Varsil has shown them all his true form, something a shapeshifter would never normally do, as it will make it difficult to ever conceal his appearance from them. However he felt it was his only option for survival after realising that his usual tricks of flattery were seen through immediately by the group.

He is indebted to the party after they freed him from Malareth’s dark service (which he was tricked into doing while on duty as a Fallcrest city guard, his old day job).


Varsil Stormstride

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