Torinn Foebane

Dwarven Weaponmaster


Torinn is extremely loyal to those who he deems deserve his loyalty, and he see’s those who adventure with him as his family. He fights for to protect those around him and will never run from a battle or leave anyone behind.

Torinn was abducted from a wealthy family when he was very young, and was brought up instead by Dwarfs who had been banished from their families for various betrayals and crimes. In this environment Torinn needed to become an adept fighter to survive, with his growing prowess in battle came a swift rise through the ranks of this group of outcasts. Torinn soon became a general within the group he now saw as his family.


Race – Dwarf
Class – Fighter
Alignment – Good
Vision – Low-light
Roll – Defender
Deity – Avandra
Languages – Common, Dwarven and Primordial


  • Reserved
  • Confident
  • Calculating
  • Forgiving


  • Protective
  • Forward Thinking
  • Considered

-Under Stress

  • Calm
  • Valiant
  • Forceful


Torinn was originally from a wealthy family of Dwarves. When he was still a young child he was taken from his family by Grifmel “Green-Chisel” Foebane the vengeful leader of a group of outcast Dwarves. Torinns abduction and the sacking of the city from which Grifmel’s rabble was exiled was seen as pay back for what he saw as unjust punishment. Torinn was targeted due to his fathers direct involvement in the exiling of the rogue Dwarves. Unfortunately Torinns father was killed by Grifmel in the skirmish.

As Torinn grew and became an accomplished fighter, he quickly gained respect and recognition within his adopted family. He was placed amongst the leadership of this growing group of miscreants, despite always feeling a sense of conflict within his heart towards the groups actions this life was all he knew.

On one fateful day when his raiding party was pillaging a Dwarven mine, Torinn witnessed one of his party kill a helpless child in front of a restrained and terrified mother. The conflict that had been growing in Torinns heart came to the surface as he watched this heinous act of violence. In a fit of confusion and rage he turned against his raiding party and took the lives of half a dozen of his men before he was knocked unconscious.

Torinn was taken before Grifmel who sentenced him to death. Before the execution was to take place the raiding party (celebration the deaths of their companions) became extremely drunk and a fight broke out amongst the group. In the fray Torinn was able to break free of his restraints and make his escape. However Grifmel had been watching Torinns movments and headed him off at the main gates. The two Dwarves clashed in a fierce battle, Torinn was unarmed, unarmoured and outmatched. Knocked to the ground and moments from death Torinns earthforger abilities surged forth tearing the ground from beneath him encasing him in stone and striking Grimfel across the face blinding him in his right eye. Torinn although confused and fearful of his newly discovered earthforger abilities used this opportunity to esacpe.

To this day Torinn strives to make up for his crimes and misdeeds. He battles with his conscious and is desperate to help those who he would once have taken advantage of. He tries to give people a second chance, even those who may have crossed the line into evil as he believes most people can be saved and brought back to the path of good as he was.


  • To fight injustice and protect the innocent people of the world.
  • To make up for his crimes and misdeeds.
  • To find his place in the world.


  • Gifmal “Green-Chisel” Foebane the leader of the raiding group in which Torinn was raised now seeks revenge on the Dwarf that was once like a son to him (who he even shared his family name with) and is out for Torinns blood.
  • Throlin Dureesdottir (Torinns mother) is desperately seeking the son she lost many many years ago. She uses her fast wealth and will stop at nothing to discover the fate of her son.
  • Falgrim Dureesdottir (Torinns elder brother) feels responsible for not protecting Torinn when he had the chance. Falgrim has not infiltrated Grifmal’s raiding group in order to either find his brother, or reap his revenge on the one who took his younger brother.

Torinn Foebane

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